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Our Aparthotel is an old restored building in the historic centre of Tui, so it does not have an elevator. At the top you have a nice terrace to enjoy after a tiring day walking, appreciating the imposing views of Portugal and Mount Aloia. On the ground floor, there is a prestigious restaurant, that shares our name. Here, we have the finest regional products, which are widely recognized for their quality. Dishes such as seafood, and fresh fish from the nearby river Miño. You can also sample a cheaper menu of the day.

The location of our establishment allows you to enjoy all the options that the city of Tui offers the visitor.


It is located in the monumental area of Tui, on the route of the Portuguese Camino of Santiago, next to the Monumental Cathedral, which stands out for its appearance of fortification, its Romanic facade and other gothic features. These include a beautiful portico and a fabulous cloister These are outstanding features at the top of the historical complex that is considered to be the most beautiful in Galicia, possibly second only to Santiago de Compostela itself. From our apartments you can see part of the architectural beauty of our cathedral, the river Miño , and the beautiful Portuguese mountains.

You can take a beautiful walk to the Fortress of Valenca (Portugal) a candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage Site, crossing the wonderful Old Bridge designed by the architect Gustave Eiffel, which has been linking Spain with Portugal since 1886. Or you can walk up Mount Aloia that was declared a Natural Park in 1978, and from where you can appreciate the immense beauty of the mouth of the River Minho where it meets the Atlantic Ocean and you observe the enormity of the landscape of the Ria de Vigo, with the imposing Cíes Islands .

Around our establishment you can wander through the old town of Tui and taste the native gastronomy You can also choose to visit city of Vigo that is only 20 km away, a modern city with all the services that a great city like this can offer. In addition to its old town marina, stunning Christmas lights and unbeatable beaches of the baixas estuaries.

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